If you have not heard the term Zero Moment of Truth or ZMOT as it is more commonly referred to you soon will.

As we continually strive to understand our markets and our potential customers we need to identify with  the mindset of our customers . How are they learning about us as a company or our products and services. The behaviors of  customers is an ever changing landscape.

Are you positioned into the places the consumers are gathering information. These are key questions you must have the right answers to in order to stay on the winning side of business.

It takes various types of stimulus to put your business in front of buyers. More common types refer to TV, radio. Newspapers, magazines etc.

Today with so much technology the new level of branding, marketing in creating that awareness is becoming larger. This relates to more than just having the website presence, Facebook or Twitter.

Here is a great resource to get a better grasp on what is taking place.

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Dale Stefancic

One Responseto “ZMOT”

  1. Chris says:

    How, if at all can ZMOT be applied to tourist activities?

    So far I’ve read through the ZMOT Handbook and already there were a few sections that I skipped through, because they didn’t really apply to my business. The examples were specifically geared towards retail and selling products.

    I’d imagine that the path a consumer takes before making a purchase is similar to what is described in ZMOT when it comes to deciding on a location and accommodations.

    But my guess would be that the average tourist doesn’t do as much online research on tourist attractions and activities as they do when purchasing a product, as described in ZMOT. There is generally less competition, because you’re not selling online. Once someone is at a destination, they’re choices are limited to what’s available there. Vacationers also often make last minute decisions to do a tour/activity. And to some degree choices are also based on what’s close to the resort they’re staying at.

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