3 Types of Traffic


First let’s talk about traffic you own.  This is the traffic from your email list, Facebook, blogs etc. and it is the best traffic to own. The goal is to convert all traffic into traffic that you own.

The reason is simple. Once you own the traffic, you can send a sales letter, sent people to your blog, or tell them about your new product or service.

Owning traffic is one of the most powerful items you can have doing online or offline marketing. Let’s take an example. Your list is 1000 people that you can contact information for. You have just released a new product that you will sell for $29.95. You email your list and get a 5% response to buy. That’s 50 sales @ $29.95 = $1,497.50. This is the power of your list and having control and owning it.

Second is traffic you control. Almost as good. You still have the ability to send the traffic where you want.  For example if you are running an ad and someone clicks on the link you have placed in the ad. You can send them to a website, blog etc. and control where that person is directed.

Anytime you run an ad or past out a flyer at an event. Send those people to a squeeze page and turn that into traffic you now control.

Thirdly is traffic you do not own or control. This traffic includes search engine, blogs, and press releases. Your site or squeeze page is still a part of these types of exposure.

By using targeted keywords in your blog you will cause that page to be listed when someone does a search. Then people can go to your squeeze page or website.

These types of traffic will build your list provided you have something of value or an irritable offer on your site, blog or squeeze page for people to give you their information.

So even the traffic you do not control at first can be traffic you do control. Keep building your list. The leverage and financial wellbeing is amazing.

Make success happen,

Dale Stefancic

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  1. Keith says:

    We have a lot of ways in buying traffics all through out the web. One of which is buy squeeze page.

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