So Much Social Media buzz, but if you’re a Business Owner LinkedIn is the Real Deal

Today you hear so much about social media. Rightly so, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, all have value in how people now only communicate but also how people choose to receive and obtain information.

The recent presidential debates illustrated the example of how Twitter was being used to see what were the most influential topics and interest of the millions of people viewing.

They definitely have value and a place in what and how we use these tools to communicate, describe our business and who we are.

One that doesn’t get the notice as much is Linked In. If you’re a business owner Linked In needs to be your new best friend if it’s not already.

Linked In goes way beyond just connections. When used effectively, you can literally take your business to a higher level with new relationships, new clients, referral business and introductions that you may have previously thought impossible.

Plus the added benefit of joining Linked In groups. A powerful added benefit that will get you noticed by the market your business lives in as well as again gaining new clients and forging the types of relationships you need.

Linked In groups also can help with challenges in your business and getting help with answers from professionals that are willing to assist.

Going to the Group Directory and enter a search term that relates to what you do or what you are looking for. You can refine your search by using the check boxes on the left.

This is just a small sample of the power of Linked In. To learn more how Linked In can benefit you and your business feel free to contact me.

Make Success Happen,

Dale Stefancic

Google Changing Again

Google Inc. is giving its tried-and-true Web-search formula a makeover as it tries to fix the shortcomings of today’s technology and maintain its dominant market share.

As Google changes, we must at least be aware of the changes. The online world everyday becomes more of our world as well.

Technology without a doubt is guiding how we buy, pay and look for the deals even with offline companies and stores.

Over the next few months, Google’s search engine will begin spitting out more than a list of blue Web links. It will also present more facts and direct answers to queries at the top of the search-results page. Continue reading “Google Changing Again” »


If you have not heard the term Zero Moment of Truth or ZMOT as it is more commonly referred to you soon will.

As we continually strive to understand our markets and our potential customers we need to identify with  the mindset of our customers . How are they learning about us as a company or our products and services. The behaviors of  customers is an ever changing landscape.

Are you positioned into the places the consumers are gathering information. These are key questions you must have the right answers to in order to stay on the winning side of business.

It takes various types of stimulus to put your business in front of buyers. More common types refer to TV, radio. Newspapers, magazines etc.

Today with so much technology the new level of branding, marketing in creating that awareness is becoming larger. This relates to more than just having the website presence, Facebook or Twitter.

Here is a great resource to get a better grasp on what is taking place.

Go to:

Make Success Happen,

Dale Stefancic

3 Types of Traffic


First let’s talk about traffic you own.  This is the traffic from your email list, Facebook, blogs etc. and it is the best traffic to own. The goal is to convert all traffic into traffic that you own.

The reason is simple. Once you own the traffic, you can send a sales letter, sent people to your blog, or tell them about your new product or service.

Owning traffic is one of the most powerful items you can have doing online or offline marketing. Let’s take an example. Your list is 1000 people that you can contact information for. You have just released a new product that you will sell for $29.95. You email your list and get a 5% response to buy. That’s 50 sales @ $29.95 = $1,497.50. This is the power of your list and having control and owning it. Continue reading “3 Types of Traffic” »

More Things to do with Your Blog

Being that most of my work with my clients is online I have many great resources and other online newsletters I receive. I thought since this is such a great community of bloggers I would pass on some great information I received from Lynn Terry a long time blogger and internet marketer.


These are some sites where you have the opportunity to make income.


One of her best sources is SocialSpark.

They’re a network that acts as a go-between for Brands and Bloggers. You simply sign up and submit your blog(s), and companies that are looking for reviews and exposure will choose relevant niche blogs for sponsored blog post opportunities.


Once you sign up for SocialSpark, be sure to sign up for the ad network as well. You’ll get offers and leads by email, but you can also go into your account and browse the Marketplace for opportunities.

AND you can express interest in specific Brands (go to Account > Brands).

Other Networks she Work’s With…

While SocialSpark is one of her favorites, there are other networks.  BlogFrog,Sponsored Reviews, and Escalate Network.


Enjoy these,

Dale Stefancic

Using Technology to Grow Sales


Information technology is important. It is apparent that technology does not have to be complex or costly to be effective. Technology is probably the most important enabler for change and tracking results that a company can introduce.


This is a very big topic so I am going to ask you a few questions.


Does your company have a plan on how to use technology to grow sales?


Does you company have a plan on how to use technology as a competitive weapon?


If not you are missing some great opportunities.


Information technology should be an asset to a business and support the business through a clear definition of the role technology will play in the business. This is done in the business plan. Continue reading “Using Technology to Grow Sales” »

Stand Out From the Competition

Today it’s not only challenging to be in business but the question of how do you get more business from the thousands of new companies starting up every day.

With many people losing their jobs or not being able to find new employment, many of these people are electing to start their own businesses.

For many small business owners this presents the challenge of increasing competition and giving more consumers more choices in selections in an ever growing marketplace.

So that brings us to the question of how do we stand out from the competition as well as how can we separate our businesses  from our fellow competitors. Continue reading “Stand Out From the Competition” »

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